The London Garment Expo 2012

Held on 29 August to 31 August 2012 in London, Beryl coordinated the project with the event managers and sponsors as well as representing the Botswana Fashion designers at the London Garment Expo 2012. The Botswana brands at the Botswana Pavilion were Blacktrash men & Blacktrash women, Botocy, TswanaLyric & KhuKhuZ. More information is available on this video footage of the event below.

The Botswana Fashion Show In London 2012

KhuKhuZ Collection Was Showcased At The Botswana Fashion Show In London During The London Fashion Week on 24 February 2012. Beryl Was One Of The Show Organizers Working In Association With The Botswana High Commission In London  And Limkokwing University In London.

The International Fashion Showcase 2012 Award Ceremony

KhuKhuZ 3D Dress On Display At The British Council Was Shortlisted Among The Top 8 Countries To Win The International Fashion Showcase 2012 Organised By The British Council And The British Fashion Council During London Fashion Week 2012. Beryl coordinated this project working in collaboration with the Botswana High Commission in London and the British Council. Her 3D Dress represented the Botswana Fashion Industry along side other Batswana Fashion Designers work.

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